Fluid / Mucus Specimen Traps

GCM40100 40ml Capacity, Pack of 100

GCM4050 40ml Capacity, Pack of 50

GCM4010 40ml Capacity, Pack of 10


GCM70100 70ml Capacity, Pack of 100

GCM7050 70ml Capacity, Pack of 50

GCM7010 70ml Capacity, Pack of 10


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Mucus / Fluid Specimen Trap

A simple, effective way to collect specimens using any suction pump or device.

  • See-through Plastic Container
  • 40ml and 70ml sizes available
  • Clearly-marked 1ml gradations
  • Disposable adaptor prevents contamination from non-sterile suction tube
  • Supplied in an easy-to-peel envelope that assures aseptic handling
  • Self-adhesive Patient ID Labels included
  • Screw-on cap
  • Sterile*
  • Latex Free

*Supplied Sterile for Single Patient Use Only. Package contents are sterile if the package is unopened and undamaged.

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