Glide Trap

KM0101 Glide Trap Inline Suction Polyp Trap with Quick-change Replaceable Pots  (Box of 25)
KM0102 Glide Trap Replaceable Pots (Pack of 20)

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  • Crystal-clear, Magnified View of the Entire Chamber | Innovative design allows a clear visualisation of the complete catchment area
  • Removable Specimen Pots | Replaceable pots fit easily into a specimen jar with no fuss
  • Quick and Easy Pot Interchange | Trap and replaceable pots have been designed with gloved hands in mind
  • Reliable Capture of Specimens | Large smooth surface area of each pot ensures effective polyp capture with no loss of suction
  • Simple and Fast Attachment | Inline design of the trap allows for swift attachment and handling
    Fully Assembled and Ready to Use | Each trap is individually wrapped with two replaceable pots, supplied in their own shelf-ready dispenser box
  • Extra Pots Available Separately | Replaceable pots available for sale separately allow maximum efficiency for each procedure
  • Packaging Converts to Dispensing Box | Easy stock handling
  • Single Use | Minimises the risk of cross contamination between patients
  • Tracking Stickers |  Comes with individual patient tracking stickers

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