KM0401 Four (Removable Pot) Suction Polyp Trap (Box of 12)

The 4-Pot Suction Poly Trap Designed with increased functionality to ensure fast and effective polyp capture.

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  • Removable pots are quick to remove and fit easily into a specimen jar with no fuss or damage to the specimen | Never lose a specimen – even the flow through ports have mesh if you forget to rotate to a pot.
  • Designed with gloved hands in mind. The trap rotates easily and the raised numbering plus tactile feedback of each pot ensures easy positioning.
  • Clear, unimpeded view of the capture area makes capture acknowledgement a breeze. Each trap is individually wrapped in a quick-to-open bag and is fully assembled to allow for quick attachment.
  • Removable pots are labelled separately to minimise confusion of specimens.  Minimises the risk of cross contamination between patients.

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