Reusable FaceGuard

Starter Pack
KM-0601 (contains 5 Headpieces and 5 sets of Replacement Parts)

KM-0602 (Pack of 10 Replacement Shields)
KM-0603 (Pack of 50 Replacement Shields)

Head Pad
KM-0605 (Pack of 10 Replacement Head Pads)
KM-0606 (Pack of 50 Replacement Head Pads)

KM-0608 (Pack of 10 Replacement Straps)
KM-0609 (Pack of 50 Replacement Straps)

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The Australian designed anti-fog face shield that offers maximum protection whilst offering comfort, providing reusability of parts and true recyclability.

Exceptional Ventilation

Rear facing, raised vents prevent ingress of liquid splashes. The significant flow-through ventilation aids in reducing fatigue and provide comfort when used in conjunction with other PPE and glasses.

Clear view  |  Comfort  |  Convenience

Lightweight padded Headpiece combine with the adjustable Strap ensures a comfortable fit over extended periods. The clear Shield offers unobstructed view of the work area, whilst offering maximum protection and light transfer.

Efficient Cleaning

The Medikal FaceGuard System has been designed for disassembly and cleaning. The headpiece can be washed and autoclaved if desired. Alcohol wipes can also be used.

Cost Effective Interchangeable Components

Individual components can be easily dismantled and reassembled for replacement or cleaning.


The Shield, Headpiece and Head Pad can all be placed in regular recycling after disassembly and cleaning.

Replacement Parts

Replacement packs of Shields,  Head Pad, and Straps for Medikal FaceGuard system are available to order.

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