ScopeValet™ Transport Bag

XR345SVB Ruhof ScopeValet™ Endoscope Transport Bag

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The ScopeValet™ Transport Bag is a safe and easy way to transport an endoscope from the procedure room to the reprocessing room after the endoscopy. The drawstring closure ensures staff safety by securely keeping the soiled scope enclosed during transfer.

  • Easy set up before procedures providing full surface coverage for large and small cart surfaces. There is no need to use Chux pads or towels
  • A strong leak-proof liner and absorbent inner pad which keep bio-hazard fluids contained and protects your endoscope from being damaged during transportation
  • An ample bag size keeps endoscopes from being impaired when the flexible shafts are coiled too tightly
  • Easy-to-use cinching cords which, when pulled, convert the surface pad into your enclosed transport container eliminating the need for transport buckets, pillow cases and giant zip-lock bags
  • Full compliance with infection control guidelines for endoscope transportation
  • Biohazard tag warn staff of possible infectious waste exposure
  • A “Used Instrument” tag informs personnel of the valuable medical device which is enclosed
  • Single Use

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